Star Boxer Mary Kom to spread awareness around 'early diagnosis of cancer'

The leading cancer hospital network, American Oncology Institute (AOI), partners with Indian Olympic boxing champion Mary Kom to raise awareness of "Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer." By teaching and empowering the people on the significance of early detection and diagnosis of Cancer, the association furthers the commitment of AOI's tagline, "we journey with you."

Dr. Jagprag Singh Gujral, group CEO of CTSI South Asia, spoke on early diagnosis "One million new cases of cancer are identified each year in India. It is crucial to raise awareness regarding early detection and diagnosis of different forms of malignancies given the country's rising cancer rate. We are honoured to be affiliated with Mary Kom in her monumental effort to emphasise the value of routine screening and early cancer detection, which can vastly increase survival rates and outcomes. With this cooperation, AOI advances in its commitment to provide solutions for precise cancer care, which has always been our main focus."

According to the Global Cancer Observatory (GLOBOCAN) 2018 report, 13.2 percent of all cancer diagnoses on the Asian continent originated in India, with more than one-third of those instances being oral, breast, and cervical cancer. India has the second-highest rate of breast and cervix uteri cancers in Asia and the largest estimated number of mouth cancer cases worldwide. The majority of patients in the nation are also diagnosed with severe illness (Stages 3-4). In order to identify the indications and symptoms as soon as possible, early detection is crucial. It is possible to identify common cancers including breast, cervical, colorectal, and oral early on using the signs and symptoms, which will help to improve the prognosis.

Mary Kom commented on the organisation and stated, "I'm overjoyed to collaborate with the American Oncology Institute to raise awareness of cancer and advocate for early detection as the key to overcoming the disease. Being ready for anything is one of the most crucial things for an athlete. The same idea holds true in boxing, where training primarily focuses on developing offensive skills. Landing punches and counterpunches successfully is essential. 
Similarly, early cancer diagnosis focuses on identifying symptomatic people as soon as possible. Similar to knowing every move of the opposition, the better your chances of success are the earlier you spot something. Through our association, I hope to raise awareness of the value of early detection and to give every citizen the tools they need to be prepared and live a healthy life."

Campaign Lead for CTSI South Asia, Tina Choudhury, said: "Early cancer detection depends on awareness, a theme that runs through all of our brand efforts. We are excited to have partnered with Mary Kom to further enhance the messaging of our brand. She is the real force behind our marketing narrative about "early detection," tying it to her boxing tenets of jumping ahead of the punch or being ready. She will, in our opinion, be the ideal motivator for encouraging early identification of cancer and routine screening while raising awareness of its significance."

The largest network of cancer hospitals in South Asia is run by American Oncology Institute, which has 16 cancer hospitals. The largest provider of cancer medical technology, Varian Medical Systems, a Siemens Healthineers Firm, is the parent company of AOI. Best-in-class Clinical proficiency, technological superiority, and service excellence are all provided by AOI. The multidisciplinary team, which includes some of the best cancer specialists in India, as well as doctors, radiologists, and other support staff, is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology to carry out cutting-edge surgeries and treatments. Cancer patients at AOI receive therapy using a tailored strategy.

 The most efficient treatment plan is developed by cancer doctors with AOI using standards from US universities. To achieve more accuracy and fewer side effects, radiation treatment planning at AOI is carried out by a central team working under the direction of US-based experts with decades of combined experience.

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