Start blogging to earn money online: Ashish Arora

Jan 19 2021 06:13 PM
Start blogging to earn money online: Ashish Arora

Ashish Arora, the person behind Hindi Panda, has proved the saying right that failure is not fatal. “It is the courage to continue that counts.” Hindi Panda is one of the websites with thousands of audience footsteps, which Ashish Arora created from a scratch. Currently, Ashish is running many multi & micro niche blogs and earning in six figures. But it was not like this always.

His first project Cricktube, which surrounded around cricket updates, was not successful. But like it is said, what doesn't break you, teaches you. To make a fresh start, Ashish started his new blog Hindi Panda.

Hindi Panda revolves around a lot of interesting and trending stories. All the latest updates of technology, travel and lifestyle, biographies, and news have found one destination. The website has broadened its horizons by publishing blogs in the regional language, Hindi so that it reaches a greater mass.

Hindi Panda helped Ashish grow as a blogger, experiment with every tool, and hack of digital marketing. It has also been a great way to make connections and attract new clients. Unlike a decade ago, blogging has now become a mainstream career option.

What is the future of blogging?

When asked about “the future of blogging in India”, Ashish Arora has a clear vision. Tracking the speed with which it is growing, blogging has a very bright future in India.

He adds that blogging should be a platform to share information that people are looking for. Craving for money in the initial stages will only harm the growth. People should find your blog a resourceful corner that entertains them or has answers to their questions.

Patience is the key. If you are someone who loves to write down your thoughts, then how much traffic you are gaining through your blog should not matter. But if your sole purpose is to make it a means of earning, you have to be thorough with digital marketing.

It will take time for the older generation to understand how blogging can become a successful career. Blogging is not appreciated as a full-time job still by many. People around you will not change their perspective until you show them how earning in 5-6 figures is possible.

Some Blogging Tips You Need To Know

1. Select your Niche

The only way to stand out is to choose a niche that will always remain interesting to you and convey your thoughts in a never been done before way. Only if you have enough knowledge and are passionate about the niche, you can write engaging content that will keep your readers hooked till the end. When the subject is something you love, you can come up with content even on the days when you will be struggling for motivation.

2. Content should be Unique

Let your creativity flow. If your content is the same as hundreds of other blog sites, people would not have reason to visit your blog. Even when it is a trending topic you decide to cover, give your audience something extra than what others are providing.

3. SEO

It is necessary that you become an SEO expert in order to make your blog rank at the top. Search Engine Optimisation will help increase the visibility of your blog in relevant searches. This garners more clicks on the site, helping you earn more money.

Success does not come overnight. You have to keep yourself motivated through rough patches. If Ashish Arorahad given up after the failure of his first project, he would not have been a successful entrepreneur now. He, with his team, is currently working on 6 multi-niche and micro-niche blogs to extend his presence in the community. Consistency is the key. It's a long-term process but the benefits are worth the wait.

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