Stay Uncle promotional video on LGBTQ goes viral on internet

Oct 13 2018 01:49 PM
Stay Uncle promotional video on LGBTQ goes viral on internet

After the verdict of Supreme court on section 377,Hotel booking website Stay uncle has launched a creative and unique marketing campaign to address the problems faced by LGBTQ community while booking room in hotels.The video of the company is going viral on the social media and turning the attention of people towards an very important social topic.

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Stay uncle made a video to spread awareness about the problems played BY LGBTQ members while booking a room and how the people judge them. This ad video show that how other people judge when a gay couple book a room in the hotel.

Co-founder and CMO of Stary Uncle, Blaze Arizanov told to ANI that We all had opinions while the article 377 made an exit, but Stay Uncle took this a little more seriously and introduced same sex friendly hotels for the LGBTQ community. He further added that The idea of the entire campaign was to launch the Ad in a unique way so that most of the brands come out in full support for the community not just limited to having opinions but deeds too.

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Sharing his views on organization, CEO Buzzoka said thatIt is always a pleasure to work with Stay Uncle and the team as their initiatives are path breaking and allows us to justify our creative flair as an organization.


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