UNICEF India: Steam inhalation good or bad for coronavirus, you must read this

At present, people are adopting various methods to avoid corona. One of these methods is steam. Nowadays, many people are fast steaming and feel that they will avoid corona infection, although this is not the case. Nowadays, steam inhalation is prevalent. A lot of people are resorting to it many times a day which is wrong. According to one information, the method of steam inhalation can make you seriously ill. Today we will tell you what side effects taking steam can be.


UNICEF India recently shared a video on its Twitter handle to alert people. You can see in this video Paul Rutter, a regional advisor and child health expert at UNICEF South Asia explains that "there is no evidence that Steam can eliminate Covid-19. In this video, UNICEF South Asia Regional Advisor and Child Health Expert Paul Rutter also said that "taking steam to avoid viruses can have a very poor result".

Taking steam continuously can burn tarika and pharynx in the tube between the throat and lungs or cause severe damage. This can make it more difficult for a person to breathe and the virus can also enter your body very easily. Now, if this video is accepted, the World Health Organization does not suggest taking steam as a treatment for corona.

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