Steel sector to draw time-bound action plan to lower CO2 emissions

The Ministry of Steel has asked the stakeholders to develop a time-bound action plan to reduce emissions in the steel industry in accordance with the government's COP26 pledges.

According to a government report, India's iron and steel industry generates 12 percent of the nation's overall carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, compared to the global average of 8 percent. In light of the agreements made at the COP26 climate change summit, the Indian steel sector must significantly reduce its emissions.

At the COP26 international climate summit in November 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India would achieve a goal of net zero emissions by 2070.

Ram Chandra Prasad Singh, the steel minister, "urged the stakeholders to prepare a time-bound action plan and undertake coordinated efforts for lowering the emissions from the steel industry in line with the promises made by the Government in COP26" during a meeting that was just conducted.

The current situation, the best course of action for promoting the switch to green steel, various strategies and technologies that the steel industry may use to make green steel, and its technological readiness were also discussed.

At the meeting, it was also discussed how to produce iron using green hydrogen and how to use carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) technology to reduce emissions.

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