Steelbird will make this much Helmets every day, Read the full report here

Jun 26 2019 11:59 AM
Steelbird will make this much Helmets every day, Read the full report here

With the expansion of its state-of-the-art plant, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited is all set to expand its manufacturing capacity in Baddi. It is soon being prepared to make 44,500 helmets per day. This will help meet the growing market demand of helmets and further the story of the company's promotion which is growing by 22 percent CAGR.

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Commenting on the expansion of the plant, Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, MD, Steelbird Helmets said, "We are continuously investing in the plant, focusing on the WHO report, according to which 3 million people are dying on the road in our country; But according to us, more than one million people are killed in road accidents because many states and districts in our country do not have traffic police and no one is reported about many accidents. If we check the data with insurance companies, then the number is quite high. Our new government and ministry are doing a lot of work towards road safety. Road safety has become a matter of great concern in our country because so many deaths are taking place and the government is making a lot of efforts to save human lives. And this move is in accordance with the entire synergy with the government's effort to save lives." Dedicated to high technology research, development and construction and addressing drivers' safety concerns, Steelbird has already taken a step in this direction. The company has purchased 15600 sq m of new land adjacent to the existing plants.

For your information, the expansion of the state-of-the-art plant in Baddi will further boost the company's presence worldwide. With an investment of over 150 million, the plant will be equipped with the region's latest technology. This will help the company expand its product portfolio and add more models to the existing model. In addition, it plans to cover the entire spectrum of customers from Basic to Premium Helmets class. In this regard, the company is constantly presenting new designs and helmets of new variants. These plants will soon have a total of 600,000 sq ft of built-up area and are expected to be ready by August 2019. These plants will have an average production capacity of 44.500 helmets a day and more than 2500 people in Baddi, new employment, will be in the Himachal Pradesh region.

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