Stepfather keeps doing a daughter's rape, and the mother instructing to keeps quiet...

Jul 22 2019 07:31 PM
Stepfather keeps doing a daughter's rape, and the mother instructing to keeps quiet...

Recently, a case of crime has come to light that you will trembling. The father, who had raped his minor daughter for three years with the consent of his mother, has been taken into custody by the police. The victim's mother was also arrested by the police and jailed on Sunday. According to reports, the victim's pregnant minor newlyweds have been sheltered by her daughter-in-law.

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After hearing this case everyone is surprised how a mother can do this with her daughter. The case is being described as the Kadawya police station of the district. On Saturday evening, a 14-year-old newlywed accompanied her mother-in-law, Jethani and Jeth, reached the police station where the victim told her stories of her mother's consent to the rape committed by her father-in-law and the rape. The victim's minor told police that "when she was three years old, her mother was married third." Meanwhile she was living with her mother and third stepfather. Her mother also slept with her father after drinking alcohol," the minor said, referring to the fact that her stepfather had been raping her since the age of 11 and that her mother had been involved in the rape.

In this case, the mother often instructed her daughter to keep quiet and the victim further explained that her 7-month-old pregnancy was caused by the rape of her son-in-law and her 14 years when her mother and stepfather could not have an abortion. On May 29, she got married to a young man in Pachawali village. Both have now been arrested by the police in this case.

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