4 Easy skin care advice for the evening
4 Easy skin care advice for the evening

We usually give a lot of care to our skin in the morning or in the evening. We normally ignore it in the evening. But that is also the time you need to think about your skin in this summer. The evening is the time when we transit in between work time to party time. For this Katrina Kaif is giving us a big goal. Her skin is positively glowing at dusk.
With little help, you can also have a radiant skin during this transaction. Check out some of the tips.

Use an oil-based moisturizer, to remove the day’s oil-based impurities, pollution, and makeup from the skin. Make sure that you don’t dry out your skin while cleansing it.
After this step, use a water-based cleanser to remove any remaining impurities and moisturizer. This cleans your skin completely.

Hydrating mask
Before you step out in the evening, use a hydrating face mask. This is a booster shot for your skin to be nourished. A hydrating facemask also provides the skin with moisture that has been lost during the day. It covers the way for a smoother complexion.

Pre-party exfoliation
For those days when you need to step out, it is wise to have an exfoliation routine. Keep the ingredients light, gentle and natural. Very coarse exfoliation may cause redness. Gentle exfoliation will take off the layer of dead skin cells.

Depending on whether you are staying in or heading out, you’ll need to decide what to do. If you’re staying in, use a night serum and eye cream. If you’re heading out, get your skin makeup ready. Use a concealer to hide any acne or unseemly spots. Apply CC cream instead of foundation, along with a moisturizing lipstick and smudgy kohl. Keep your makeup smart.

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