Man kills stepmother after sending his wife to the maternal home

Jul 06 2020 02:38 PM
Man kills stepmother after sending his wife to the maternal home

Nowadays the increasing cases of crime are shocking everyone. In such a case, the case that has come up recently is of Bhelupur in Varanasi. In the Bajradiha area, a young man killed his stepmother and then buried her body in the room.

According to the information received in this case, his wife did not get a clue about this, so he had sent her to the maternal home. During the murder of the mother, she sent her half-brother and sister to the neighbor as an excuse. The matter is being reported as of June 28, which was revealed on Sunday evening.

In this case, it has been told that the police had dug up the land and took out the dead body buried in the sack, and the young man was arrested. Talking in this matter, the police said that Altaf Hussain alias Sonu, resident of Chhahi Badi Patiya of Bajardiha area, strangled the stepmother Parveen Bano (38) first. He then dug a seven-foot pit in Mother's room and buried her in it. After that, he also put a lot of salt in the pit and made the floor firm with cement.

It has been a long time since Parveen could not be seen, so the people around her became suspicious and they took Parveen's brother Mo. Told Moin. After that, Moin told the police about the possibility of killing the sister and the investigation started, whose curtain has now been torn. Accused of this case, Sonu said that his mother used to torture his children Abdul and Rukhsar. Used to force them to work. Because of that there was discord in the house. That is why he killed his mother.

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