Stock bounced on the Second Day of trading week

Oct 04 2017 10:33 AM
Stock bounced on the Second Day of trading week

On the second day of the trading week, the stock market has seen rapid growth. The effect of the global market rally was on the Indian market. At the beginning of today's day, Nifty opened at 9838 with an increase of 58 points and Sensex, on the other hand, is trading 254 points at 31538 levels.

In the stock market where speed is going on, there is a slowdown in the rupee. The Indian rupee has plummeted 31 paise against the dollar today. With 31 paise less Indian rupee opened at 65.56 level. It had gained 25 paise strong on Friday, its level was 65.25.

RBI may take a decision on reducing the repo rate in the Monetary Meeting on October 3-4, which will have a direct impact on the market. Even before the meeting, the market has seen rapid growth. Earlier on Friday, when the trading day was the last day of the market, the stock market was fast open. 

Nifty, with a gain of 38 points, at the 9769 level and the Sensex was up by 85 points to 31367 levels. However, due to the last trading day of the week, the market has been languishing throughout the day. After beginning in the morning with relentlessness, the market closed with a slight margin.

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