Violence due to miraculous Mahua tree sightings, 12 policemen injured, 5 serious

Nov 14 2019 03:28 PM
Violence due to miraculous Mahua tree sightings, 12 policemen injured, 5 serious

Bhopal: The policemen attacked the police on seeing the Mahua tree located in Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. More than a dozen policemen were injured as villagers attacked. The condition of 5 of them is stated to be critical. For the last two months, people have been coming here as a miraculous Mahua tree. In this sensitive area, the police was prohibiting the gathering of the crowd, due to which the villagers became angry and attacked the police itself. Additional SP Ghanshyam Malviya has said, "The local villagers attacked the policemen. Our team went there to control the crowd. He said that he is talking to the villagers to resolve the matter.

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The rumor started from farmer Roop Singh Thakur, resident of Nayagaon in Hoshangabad, that the Mahua tree in the Satpura Tiger Reserve zone has magical power. As soon as this rumor spread, crowds of people started gathering here every day. Every day around 30 thousand people started coming here to see the tree. In two months, crores of people have visited the tree here. Not only Madhya Pradesh but around 10 lakh people from all over the country have come to this tiger habitat.

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The gathering of crowds and the smoke of incense reaching the forest has become a challenge for the local administration, police and forest officials. In such a situation, people were banned from coming here. Thousands of people gathered on Wednesday to protest against it, causing a confrontation between the police and the people. Officials say that the story of the miraculous tree has been prepared by some people in the village to earn money.

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