You should never insult flowers offered to God

You must have also read about the importance of flowers in Indian culture. It is said that flowers have divine powers. This power is not visible to us with eyes, but worshipping God and Goddess with flowers gives us wealth and all kinds of happiness. It is said that Vyjayanti flower is considered very dear to Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna is always seen wearing a garland around his neck. The flowers offered to God should not be insulted even by mistake. There is also a story about this which we are going to tell you today.

Story- Indra insulted Vyjayanthimala, as a result, Mahalakshmi became angry with him. Devraj Indra was visiting on his elephant Airavat. On the way, he met Maharishi Durvasa. He took a wreath from his neck and gave it to Indra as a gift. Indra proudly put that wreath in Airavat's neck and Airavat took him from his neck and trampled under his feet. Maharishi Durvasa got very angry seeing the humiliation of his offering. He cursed Indra to be poor. Due to the curse of Maharishi Durvasa, Indra lost in the battle with Bali, which resulted in King Bali establishing his supremacy over the three worlds. Desperate and frustrated, the deity took shelter of Srihari and prayed to him to get his heaven back.

Shrihari said that all the gods should reconcile with the demons and after getting their support, make the churning of Mandarachal and Vasuki Nag a rope and churn the Kshirsagar. I will make all of you gods immortal with nectar that will be obtained from the churning of the ocean, and only then will the gods, after destroying the demons, again get possession of heaven.

Indra went to Bali, the king of the demons, and proposed before him the churning of the sea. In the greed of nectar, the demons joined with the gods. The gods and the demons tried their best to lift the Mandarachal mountain but could not do so. Everyone started seeking help from Srihari. On the call of devotees, Shrihari came. He started playing and picked up the huge Mandarachal mountain and established it on Garuda and in a moment took it to the coast of Kshirsagar. The auspicious work of churning the ocean started by making Vasuki the rope to churn Mandrachal. Srihari's eyes fell on Mathani, who was drowning inward. Seeing this, Shrihari himself gave originality to Mandarachal in the form of a tortoise.

It is mentioned in the scriptures that in the churning of the sea, the poison first came out, due to its fiery flames, the life of all beings was in danger. Lord Shiva consumed it which made his throat blue and since then he was named Neelkanth. Thereafter, from the ocean churning, Lakshmi, Kaustubh, Parijat, Sura, Dhanvantari, Moon, Pushpak, Airavat, Panchajanya, Shankha, Rambha, Kamadhenu, Uchai: Shrava and finally Amrit came out which brought by Dhanvantri. By snatching the nectar urn from their hands, the demons started fleeing so that they become immortal by drinking nectar before the gods. The quarrel for the nectar began among the demons and the gods. Shrihari turned into exquisite female reached the gods and the demons.

Fascinated by his appearance, the demons handed over the nectar to him. Mohini said that whenever I do the work of partition, whether it is fair or unfair, you guys promise not to create any obstacles in between then only I will do this work. All of them obeyed the god. The gods and the demons sat in separate rows. Taking the form of Mohini, Srihari gave all the nectar to the gods, which made the gods immortal and they got their heaven back.

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