Story of Ghost Village of Rajasthan, Kuldhara

Rajasthan is famous for all the ghost stories and haunted places. Kuldahara is one of the most haunted places not only in Rajasthan but also in India. The deserted, narrow, and ancient streets of Kuldhara are the source of myths, spooky folklore, and stories of ghosts and paranormal activity.17 kilometers from Jaisalmer, nestles a town called Kuldhara, which was once prosperous but now, it lies in ruins and all that is left are various open houses in the state of despair.

 The story of Kuldhara brings sadness to the heart when one thinks of those unfortunate people who were forced to leave the land of their forefathers. However, the place doesn’t seem to be spooky for any reason other than the legends themselves, and for our own perception based on those stories. Though there is sadness in the air, there is hopefully nothing cursed about it.

Story of Kuldhara

Around 200 year ago, In the village people were frightened of only one person- the Diwan (Minister) of Jaisalmer.  Since he was the minister, they had to pay him the taxes levied upon them. One day when Diwan came for his village visits to collect tax, his eye fell upon the beautiful daughter of the Mukhia (Chief) of the village. The evil Diwan fell in love with the girl and he will marry to this girl. If anybody stops me, then I will levy more taxes on the entire community. I will come tomorrow to take her away with me.

Villagers did not want the girl to get married to a monster. They had to act quickly. The Mukhia decided that the entire community will flee from Kuldhara and the nearby 84 villages. He sent his messengers to inform everyone and that night all the villagers left their land, cursing the evil Diwan and the land. The next day, Diwan came to take away the girl but found the village empty. How so many villagers vanished in one night is still a mystery.

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