Do you know that Lord Krishna became Kinnar for 2 times?

Sep 07 2019 05:20 PM
Do you know that Lord Krishna became Kinnar for 2 times?

There are many such stories about Lord Krishna that you must have heard. Today we are going to tell you about that incarnation of Kanha when he had to become a Kinnar twice. Yes, when Kanha became a Kinnar for the first time, it was a compulsion of love and the second time when he became a Kinnar, it was necessary for religion. Let's know both stories.

Krishna became the Kinnar for love - Once Goddess Radha was upset. Her friends tried to convince her a lot. Radha's stubbornness was increasing as much as they explained to Radha. Lord Krishna wanted to meet Radha, but the meeting was not possible. In such a situation, Kanhatook a Kinnar form in consultation with her friends and named it Shyamari Sakhi. While Shyamari came close to Radha's house playing Sakhi Veena, Radha came out of the house mesmerized by Veena's voice waves and kept looking at Shyamari Sakhi's amazing form. Radha wanted to present her necklace to Shyamari Sakhi, Kanha said, "If you want to give, then give me your honor gem. I don't want this necklace." Radha understood that this Shyamari is none other than Shyam. And Radha Krishna was reunited.

Krishna became the Kinnar for religion - it was to please Ranchandi for the victory of the Pandavas during the Mahabharata war. For this, the prince was to be exonerated. In such a situation, Arjun's son Iravan said that he is ready to give his sacrifice. But Iravan put a condition for this. He wanted to get married for one night. How does a girl get ready for marriage with the groom of one night, so Lord Krishna himself took the form of Kinnar in the Mahabharata's Dharma war to make the Pandavas victorious. Lord Krishna married Iravan. The next day Iravan was exonerated. Even today, every year a large number of Kinnars carry this tradition in the 'Kothandavar Temple' of Tamil Nadu. The Kinnar marries his god Iravan and becomes Vidhava the next day.

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