Story of Mayong Village, the black magic capital of India
Story of Mayong Village, the black magic capital of India
You might have heard about Black Magic and different story of black magic but do you there is. Village in India which is famous for black magic.Black Magic, Sorcery or Witchcraft is generally practised by Tantrics with an intention of inflicting  negativity into a person’s life. The activities done using black magic are mostly palpable which might result in some detrimental effects on a person’s physical and mental status.
Is black magic still practices in Mayong
Mayong village in Assam is commonly known as the centre for black magic or the capital of black magic in India. Black magic  is still practised by some of the residents of Mayong Village  and this knowledge will get passed down to generations. Local Assamese folklore has mentions of Mayong and its practice of black magic. Even in Mahabharata, one will find things about Mayong’s dark arts.  There are all sorts of famous, creepy stories in Mayong  about the place, like people disappearing into thin air, men being turned into animals, wild beasts being tamed magically, etc. Though there’s no clear evidence to all of this, the locals and elderly people here claim that they themselves have seen such things happen in Mayong and therefore, regard these stories to be true.
Story of Mayong village
One example of stories like this could be the example of Muhammad Shah and his army as it is very commonly believed by people that Muhammad Shah's 100,000 horsemen suddenly disappeared in the Mayong area. This happened as a result of black magic and witchcraft and after the incident, none of the evidence was left behind.
Due to its mysterious past and black magic, Mayong is gradually turning into a tourist spot. If you’re a curious traveller, adventure lover, history buff or are simply fascinated by black magic, Mayong can be an interesting place to check out. The village has a number of artefacts and archaeological relics, along with some books on ancient Ayurveda and black magic, which can be found in the Mayong Central Museum and Emporium. You can even interact with the local people, learn some stories or discover a few magic tricks.
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