Street Vendor and Wife Duped of Rs 3.40 Lakh by Maulana in Ranchi
Street Vendor and Wife Duped of Rs 3.40 Lakh by Maulana in Ranchi

Ranchi: In a distressing incident reported from Keshavnagar, Ranchi, Maulana Ayub allegedly swindled Ashok Sahu, a street vendor, and his wife Lalita Devi of Rs 3.40 lakh. The Maulana, aided by his brother-in-law Sahamat Ansari and Ashok's cousin-in-law Vijay Sahu, convinced the couple that they could extract gold worth Rs 1.5 crore from their home.

The deception unfolded when the Maulana, scheduled to retrieve the gold on a Saturday, arrived at Keshavnagar but backed out, prompting Lalita Devi to physically confront him. During the altercation, another individual intervened, claiming to bring a resolution, only to be subjected to local residents' ire.

Upon the incident's report to the Ratu police station, no FIR had been filed at the time of reporting. Ashok Sahu recounted meeting Maulana Ayub 10 months ago, accompanied by Vijay Sahu, who exploited their fear of black magic to extort Rs 3.40 lakh. The Maulana claimed he would retrieve a pot of gold from an eight-feet-deep pit in their house, which he subsequently left untouched.

Currently residing in Mandar with his brother-in-law, Maulana Ayub allegedly possesses multiple Aadhar cards listing different addresses in Haryana, Delhi, and potentially Jharkhand or Bengal. The Ratu police are actively investigating the matter to ascertain the facts surrounding the fraud.

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