Strong statements and sharp attitude! Mahua Moitra once again in the discussion
Strong statements and sharp attitude! Mahua Moitra once again in the discussion

Mahua Moitra has always been in the limelight for her sharp statements. This time due to the use of 'unparliamentary language', she has once again remained in discussions. She used the 'objectionable' word during the discussion on the motion of thanks on the President's address to Parliament on Wednesday (February 7). Along with this, there was a lot of uproar in the Parliament and BJP has also asked her to apologize. 

Mahua Moitra has also given very sharp statements in Parliament many times before this. Before which there was an uproar on December 13, 2022, also after her statements. During this, TMC MP asked BJP in the House that you repeatedly use the word, Pappu, while inflation and unemployment have increased in your government, then tell who is the real Pappu? The very next day, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman rebutted her statement. After this, a lot of discussions are also being done on Pappu and Mahua on social media. 

Mahua Moitra's statements in the Parliament start becoming very viral on social media as well. Before this, she has also given a statement on Maa Kali. Mahua Moitra was in a lot of trouble due to this statement. Then TMC had already distanced itself from her statements. In fact, Moitra had said that for her Maa Kali is in the form of a meat-eating and wine-drinking goddess. 

Moitra is a TMC MP and has studied abroad. She also has experience working in a big company like JP Morgan. When she got upset from abroad, she came back to India and became a politician. Earlier she joined Congress, but when there was no political benefit there, she joined TMC. Moitra, who is now in the limelight for her statements, is known as a firebrand leader of TMC. 

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