Strong turbulence happen in Air Canada flight, 37 passengers 'injured'

Jul 12 2019 08:41 PM
Strong turbulence happen  in Air Canada flight,  37 passengers 'injured'

Ottawa: An Air Canada flight from Venkuvar to Sydney was hit by a sudden severe tabulys, in which at least 37 passengers were injured. The Aviation Service has given information in this regard. According to reports by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), flight number AC33 was reported Thursday morning at Takriban 6. It arrived at the international airport of Honolulu at 46.

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Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said 35 people were moderately injured. However, officials from honolulu's emergency department later put the number of injured at 37. Fitspatrick said the Boeing 777-200 had 15 passengers, in addition to 269 passengers, and it had just two hours to reach the airport when it was hit by deadly turbulence.

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said the accident occurred 10,973 meters (36,000 feet) from the ground at Takriban 966 km southwest of Honolulu. A female passenger said she suffered a severe blow from the tubulence. Air Canada has said that Sydney's air services could be resumed on Friday. Officials said they are investigating the case

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