Study Finding: Right food can help beat depression

A group of nutritionists in their study reveals that  Eating the right food can help beat depression effectively during difficult times. they say eating the right food will also help people overcome depression. A Lancet report recently indicated that more and more people are suffering from depression-related problems due to the after-effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

Troubles connected to personal health, family situation, financial condition, and any other issue which might trigger despair during Covid-19 pandemic is likely to affect in causing mental depression among those facing these situations. The common faith is that people when depressed tend to consume food in excess.

Explaining on the linkage between food and depression,  what Dr N. Malleshwari, Chief Dietician & Nutritionist, Gleneagles Global Hospital said read:- "Poor food choices and selection of foods might contribute to deficiency of the nutrients which actually can result in depression. Some amino acids such as tryptophan, tyrosine, methionine, and phenylalanine are often helpful in treating many mild disorders including depression." Mental depression is a serious problem that affects people around the world, and in many, this could be a life-changing occurrence.

"While those who accept they are depressed, seek medical attention or counselling to overcome the condition, the best means to beat depression is to bring about lifestyle changes and start consuming a healthy diet. said Malleshwari.

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