Study finds, Excess body weight connected with Covid-19 mortality

According to a Cohort study held in Washington,  it reveals that Excess body weight may be associated with significant rates of Covid-19 mortality among adult populations around the globe. The research, published in the journal Public Health in Practice, analysed plausible associations of Covid-19 mortality and excess weight in nearly 5.5 billion adults from 154 countries around the world.

The researchers from The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the US employed cutting-edge techniques of statistical analyses to identify potential patterns in data. "The main finding from the analysis is a statistically significant positive association between Covid-19 mortality and the proportion of the overweight in adult populations spanning 154 countries," said study lead principal investigator Hamid Beladi from UTSA. "This association holds across countries belonging to different income groups and is not sensitive to a population's median age, proportion of the elderly, and/or proportion of females," Beladi said.

The researchers noted that when the proportion of the overweight people in a country's adult population is one percentage point higher than that of another country, it is reasonable to predict that Covid-19 mortality would be 3.5 percentage points higher in the first country than it would be in the second. "The average individual is less likely to die from Covid19 in a country with a relatively low proportion of the overweight in the adult population, all other things being equal, than she or he would be in a country with a relatively high proportion of the overweight in the adult population," Beladi said.


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