Study finds Monkeypox does not transmit easily by air

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has addressed fears that monkeypox is spreading rapidly to over a dozen nations, claiming that the virus does not transmit via air as Covid-19.

The CDC reportedly stated that monkeypox virus transmission needs close contact with an infected person. It can also spread by respiratory droplets, but not as easily as Covid-19, according to the researchers. If a monkeypox patient has lesions in their throat or mouth and is exposed to another person for an extended period of time, the virus can be transferred through respiratory droplets. However, according to Dr Jennifer McQuiston of the CDC, the virus does not spread quickly in this manner.

"This is not like Covid," McQuiston clarified, adding that "respiratory spread isn't the main concern." In the current outbreak scenario and population, it is contact and intimate touch." According to McQuiston, nine patients with monkeypox flew long distances from Nigeria to other nations without infecting anyone else on board. "It's not like you are passing someone in the grocery store and they are going to have monkeypox," she explained.

According to the CDC, it is primarily spread by prolonged physical contact, such as skin-to-skin contact with someone who has an active rash. Contact with virus-infected things, such as sharing bedding and clothing, can also spread the virus.

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