Study finds Reading a book, doing yoga help lower risk of dementia

Do you want to lower your risk of dementia? A recent study sugest, Indulge in activities such as reading a book and doing yoga and spend your time with family and friends.

The meta-analysis of 38 studies from around the world that included a total of more than 2 million persons without dementia and was published in the journal "Neurology" showed that overall leisure activities were associated with a lower risk of the neurodegenerative illness. 

The risk of dementia decreased by 17% for individuals who participated in leisure activities compared to those who did not. The majority of mental activity was intellectual in nature and included leisure reading and writing, watching television and radio, playing games and musical instruments, utilising computers, and doing crafts.
Researchers at Peking University Sixth Hospital in China found that people who engaged in these activities had a 23% lower incidence of dementia.

Walking, jogging, swimming, biking, utilising exercise equipment, playing sports, yoga, and dancing were all examples of physical activity. According to research, those who engaged in these activities had a 17% lower incidence of dementia.

The term "social activities" mostly referred to pursuits involving interaction with people, such as taking classes, joining a club, volunteering, spending time with family or friends, or participating in religious activities. According to research, those who engaged in these activities had a 7% lower incidence of dementia.

"This meta-analysis reveals that being active has advantages, and there are many things that are simple to incorporate into daily life that may be advantageous to the brain."recreational activities may lower the incidence of dementia. Future research should use larger sample sizes and longer follow-up periods to uncover more connections between pastimes and dementia "added Lu.

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