Styling Tips: With the help of these tips, carry the traditional dress in a modern way
Styling Tips: With the help of these tips, carry the traditional dress in a modern way

If you want to wear traditional clothing to a wedding, domestic event, birthday party, or kitty party but are tired of having the same look every time, use the advice in this article to add glamor to your desi appearance. Discover some of these techniques to stand out in Indian clothing here.

The only options for traditional clothing at a wedding party or event are a saree, suit, sharara, or skirt-top, all of which have a uniform appearance. No variety is apparent, so today we have a solution for your issue regarding how to wear your traditional clothing in a contemporary manner and look lovely and stylish.

Wear a lehenga with a jacket

If you have a light summer jacket, there is no need to wait for winter to create this look, even though it is more useful if you wear a saree during the colder months. See how quickly a summer jacket with a variety of designs worn over a sleeveless blouse or crop top can update your classic appearance.

Wear a crop top with a saree

You've probably worn a saree with a blouse thousands of times, so try it this time with a crop top for a fresh look. By selecting a crop top that complements or contrasts with the saree, you can add a contemporary touch to your traditional attire.

Saree with leggings

Why not wear leggings this time instead of the petticoat to support the saree? Yes, wearing a saree with leggings is very stylish. Choose a contrast color and drape the pallu in such a way that the leggings can be highlighted, rather than wearing leggings that match your saree. By the way, you have the option of wearing jeans, palazzos, or cigarette pants in place of laggings.

Saree with belt

Put on a belt with your saree for a different appearance. Pick a belt that complements the saree's pattern and color. Belts can be found on the market today in both thick and thin varieties. Additionally, if you'd like, you can have a printed or fabric belt made to match the saree, which will look even better. Yes, choose an embroidered belt for a slightly heavier look.

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