Timeless, natural and elegant. The three words that perfectly describe the work of the suave makeup artist Aafreen Petiwala

A dentist turned makeup artist ,Aafreen’s work speaks for itself with its bold choices of colour used in a subtle manner. When asked how did she  make this switch? Aafreen  answered, “Dentistry was my profession, makeup is my passion. The perfect intersection of beauty and science. I chose passion over profession. My profession taught me the finer points of aesthetics of the face which gave wings to my passion”.

This soft spoken artist is creative to the core. She has mastered the art of perfecting the soft and sensuous look that every bride desires. Aafreen’s makeup encompasses the true spirit of makeup on the most important day of the bride’s life.  “I prefer to showcase the glow on the bride’s face rather than shadow it. The radiance should shine through and that’s the aim of my makeup”, Aafreen says. She understands what the bride wants on her special day and customizes the makeup so that every bride looks class apart. 

“Makeup is all about using the right colours . I choose colours and products that are complimentary to the skin type to create an elegant vibe that adds a royal touch to  the entire ensemble”

Aafreen has collaborated with many red carpet events and her clientele list is one that many budding makeup artists dream of. In 6 years, Petiwala has worked with over 1500 clients. With celebrities like Miss Malini, Sheen Daas and Krystle Dsouza and many other clients, Aafreen has made a name for herself in the Fashion Makeup world too. She recently was a part ofLakme Fashion Week Autumn Winter Festive 2019 as a makeup expert.  

HerYouTube channel has 1.7k subscribers and over 29.7K follows on Instagram and the numbers are growing every day. She talks about skin care, make up and other aspects of beauty on her channel. 

Now based in  South Mumbai, Aafreen Petiwala has not limited herself to just bridal and fashion makeup she is also a part of many internationally renowned groups with builders and jewellers .Aafreen is most sought after in the fashion blogger circuit too with names like House of Misu, Shereen Luv Bug, and Jovita George as her regular clients.  Aafreen Petiwala bagged the prestigious Indian Women Award at Mumbai.

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