submarine INS Vela : No radar in the world will be able to track

New Delhi: Indian Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh today inducted in the Indian Navy fleet in the Navy's fourth Scorpene class submarine INS Vela. It is said that joining the service of this submarine will add to the naval combat capability. Tell us that the construction of this submarine started in July 2009. It was named INS Vela in May 2019 and was handed over to the Indian Navy this month by MDL after extensive system, machinery and weapon tests.

INS Vela has the ability to launch the entire spectrum of submarine operations. In view of today's dynamic and complex security situation, its capability and firepower will play an important role in enhancing the navy's capability to protect India's maritime interests. Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh today said, "The new INS Vela is capable of carrying out aggressive operations across the region of the maritime war. Once dived, this submarine is actually able to hit its target very effectively and secretly with full force.

The specialty of this submarine is that the radar will not be able to track it. It can complete its task without making the enemy aware. At the same time it can be operated in any season. State that the last incarnation of INS Vela was recruited into the Navy on August 31, 1973 and it was withheld from service on June 25, 2010. It served the nation significantly for 37 years.

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