Subway India outlets drop tomatoes from menu citing THESE reasons
Subway India outlets drop tomatoes from menu citing THESE reasons

NEW DELHI: In response to the escalating tomato prices, Subway India outlets have taken a bold and innovative approach. With tomato prices reaching an unprecedented 400% high in the country, they have decided to temporarily exclude tomatoes from their salads and sandwiches. This move aims to address the quality concerns that have been causing disruptions in the supply chain.

Notably, a Subway store located at a Delhi airport terminal has gone a step further by displaying a sign, politely informing their valued customers about the "Temporary Unavailability of TOMATOES." The sign also explained that the unavailability is due to their commitment to sourcing only the highest quality tomatoes, which, at the moment, is proving challenging.

The impact of the soaring tomato prices has been felt across the fast-food industry in India. McDonald's, another popular chain, has also made the decision to remove tomatoes from their burgers and wraps in specific regions, citing similar concerns about maintaining their quality standards.

The tomato crisis can be attributed to a lean production season, with the monsoon rains causing transportation and distribution disruptions. As a result, tomato prices have surged, reaching approximately Rs. 168 per kilogram in the capital city, New Delhi, after previously hovering around Rs. 240.

To address the situation, the Indian government has initiated various measures, including the deployment of mobile vans supplying tomatoes at discounted rates. This initiative has drawn hundreds of people daily, showcasing the severity of the situation.

Furthermore, global restaurant chains like Domino's and KFC have come up with innovative solutions to make their products more affordable for Indian consumers who are coping with high inflation. Domino's, in particular, has introduced a 60-cent seven-inch pizza, the brand's most economical offering worldwide, specifically catering to the needs of the Indian market.

The tomato price surge has prompted innovative responses from both fast-food chains and the government. By temporarily suspending tomato usage and implementing creative strategies, they are striving to ensure quality, accessibility, and affordability during these challenging times.

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