Success story of self made millionaire, Jhansi Rani Vedachalam

Jhansi Rani Vedachalam is one of the most hardworking person we have. She used to work for corporations like Microsoft, Worldbank IBRD and many other. But Jhansi Rani wanted something of her own and that's when she decided to leave her job. She went to study cosmetology in Atlanta, USA. Jhansi Rani formulated a few soaps using natural ingredients like chrysanthemum and lemongrass oil. She decided to use it to treat her own acne. She kept working on her products until she developed the famous Glass Skin Combo. She noticed that her products were showing positive results and that's when she decided to make more products for people by using natural ingredients.

Today her brand Jiore is one of the leading brand and Jhansi Rani worked really hard to get her brand at top. Jhansi Rani made sure that people can have access to her brand whenever they want by creating a social media page i.e @jiore.official. They also have their own website which is The brand is followed by more than 500k followers and they also receive positive feedbacks from people on a daily basis. Jhansi Rani makes sure that she is always there when her customer need any guidance and her team members also work very hard to be there for people whenever people want.

Jhansi Rani has always been a person who doesn't back down from her responsibilities. She knows her responsibility towards nature and that's why she has planned to develop eco friendly packages. She helps people, especially teenagers to focus on a better and healthy skin instead of using makeup. She also believes in women empowerment and that's why she helps them in whichever way she can. Around eighty percent of Jiore's employee are women who have flexible work hours so that they don't have to choose between personal life and professional life. When we asked about her future plans, Jhansi Rani says that " Our main aim is to help and work with women entrepreneurs who have knowledge and skills but they don't have enough resources. We are also in the process of finalizing dealers in Northern India. We are also planning to expand outlets PAN in the next two years".

Jhansi Rani's brand Jiore is a gender neutral brand which produces soaps,toners,serums and many more skin care products. Today, the brand Jiore tops the priority list of people. Jhansi Rani is loved by everyone because of her work. She is working harder to make more products which will help people. Jhansi Rani's journey wasn't a cakewalk but she proved that if you are determined enough to achieve your goals then nothing is going to stop you from achieving it. Her hard-work and dedication is something which inspires every person out there.

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