Dictator of North Korea kidnapped the actress and then...

There is a piece of big news coming from North Korea that two boys who watched South Korean films there were sentenced to death. They were killed in front of everyone in a field so that the others could also learn a lesson. On the one hand, there is so much hatred for West and South Korea in this country, on the other hand, Kim Jong's father kidnapped a South Korean actress and her director husband so that great films could be made in North Korea.  

It dates back to 1966 when Kim Jong-il became the director of North Korea's art division. He was very fond of films. Initially, he used to make such films that praised his family. Gradually, Kim started getting bored with it. He wanted films to be made in his country, which the West should also watch. Interestingly, il hated the West and banned American or South Korean films in the country. Korean expert author Bradley K Martin has mentioned il's anger in his book 'The Loving Care of The Fatherly Leader.' He started punishing the filmmakers because they were not able to make films like West. Then he found a new way and he picked up a film director and a heroine from South Korea so that they can also make great films here.  

Chow-yun-Hi was the biggest name in South Korean films at that time. She was called to Hong Kong on the pretext of a film deal, where a speed boat was waiting for her. From there, she was kidnapped and imprisoned in a building in North Korea. This was in January 1978. The actress, who later escaped, told a British documentary that she was kept in captivity in a luxurious building, which the rest would call Building No. 1. In the beginning, she was not even allowed to go out. A few days later, il himself came and took her to show all the necessary things around his country. According to the actress, the dictator used to talk as if she had come to his country not by kidnapping, but by her own will. After some time, the actress came across a private tutor, who started telling her about the successes of North Korean leaders. Kim Jong-il wanted the actress to understand everything and make new films accordingly.

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