General Knowledge- Science And Technology Question Answer

Jan 20 2021 04:59 PM
General Knowledge- Science And Technology Question Answer

Let's once again discuss some of the questions that are asked in rough competitive exams. Anyway, you may have noticed that a number of general knowledge questions are asked in competitive exams.

Who was the inventor of the Crescograph?
North - Jagdish Chandra Basu

On December 18, 2014, ISRO successfully launched the largest ever spacecraft from Sriharikota. What is its name?
North-GSLV Mark-III

What is the chemical name of Vitamin-C2?

What does USB mean?
North - Universal Serial Bus

What is the element in thyroxine hormone?

What kind of flow of river leads to the formation of a delta?
north-plane flow

What is the sign of when the mercury of the barometer suddenly falls?
Possibility of thunderstorm or storms

Whose tributaries are Tungabhadra, Malprabha, and Ghatprabha?
North-Krishna River

The 'Ring of Fire' area with 452 volcanoes is located in which ocean trough?
North-Pacific Ocean

Which is the major producer country of coffee in the world?

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