Suckermouth Catfish found in Sindh River after Ganga

Suckermouth catfish has been found in Sindh river of Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, after which people are surprised after seeing it. This Suckermouth catfish is found in South America and is a carnivorous fish. It is originally found in the Amazon River of South America. Recently, a person named Bhole is found in Mehda Ghat of Sindh River.

This fish is very beautiful in appearance, but now the experts are trying to know how this fish found in the area of South America has reached the Sindh river of Chambal area. Before this fish, sailors found strange fish in the Ganga river passing through Ramna in Ramnagar in Varanasi. During that time, fish scientists at BHU identified the fish as a Suckermouth catfish found in the Amazon River in South America.

Again scientists have expressed concern that fish are carnivorous and also a threat to their ecosystem. It is being said that the fish has its own food value because it is tasteless. Scientists say this fish could be a big threat to the Ganga ecosystem. This fish falls into the category of ornamental fish due to its beauty and people keep it in the aquarium for hobbies.

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