The Sufi Islamic Board came in support of the film 72 Hoorain, said- 'Muslim youth.......'
The Sufi Islamic Board came in support of the film 72 Hoorain, said- 'Muslim youth.......'

Lucknow: The film 72 Huren, directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, is in the headlines these days. The first teaser of the film has also been revealed. There is a ruckus about the content of the film. At the same time, now the reaction of Kashish Warsi, national spokesperson of The Sufi Islamic Board of Moradabad, has also come out on this matter. He has said that in this film, those who actually have the mentality of terrorism have been attacked.

According to Kashish Warsi, it is said to provoke Muslim youth that if you do such a thing, you will get 72 huras in Jannat. But he  forgets what girls and women will get when they go to heaven. Kashish Warsi further said that those who are fundamentalists must be on fire from this. Warsi said that before screening every film, it is written that the film has been made based on fictional stories and characters. But, I would like to say that the Sufi Islamic Board is constantly fighting against terrorism. Recently, the radical organization Popular Front of India (PFI) was being provoked by luring the youth with 72 hurs.


Kashish Warsi says that Islam means love, peace and brotherhood. Islam has spread all over the world with the character of Mohammad Sahab. If some fundamentalists try to incite our youth, the Sufi Islamic Board has always been, is and will continue to oppose them. Fundamentalists are not teaching our youth the right Islam. Kashish Warsi says that Islam does not give the message of radicalization to anyone. We are appealing to Muslim youth to protect themselves from all the organisations like PFI. Read Karbala, read Buzurg-e-Din. These people are not giving the message of Karbala to the Muslims. The elders who are the message of The Deen are not talking about the elderly. Some people are only talking about fundamentalists.

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