Summer Special: Berry Kanji Recipe

Mar 12 2018 05:18 PM
Summer Special: Berry Kanji Recipe

The must-have beverage during the summers and especially during the festive season, Kanji is a fermented drink made with a host of spices to ensure the tangy taste. This recipe of Berry Kanji is made with frozen kanji mixed with spices and serve with mint and lemon wedge. Bring some tangy twist to your Holi party with this refreshing and tasty Kanji drink.

How to Make Berry Kanji

1.Coarsely blend frozen berry in a blender.
2.Take a mixing bowl, add ajwain, black salt, salt along with chat masala and stir well.
3.Add water to dilute the mixture.
4.Take a laddle, heat up with oil add hing and pour it in mix. Stir well.
5.Take charcoal in small bowl and put cloves, cardamom and ghee for smoke. Put in the bowl for smoke.
6.Cover it with lid.
7.Serve chilled with sprig of mint and lemon wedge.

Ingredients Of Berry Kanji

-50 Gram Frozen berry
-2 Gram Hing
-2 Gram Ajwain
-5 Gram Black salt
-5 Gram Salt
-2 Gram Chaat Masala

For smoke Charcoal
-6 buds Cloves
-6 Nos Cardamom
-5 Ml Oil

Few sprigs Mint
-1 Nos Lemon


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