These 5 places will give relief in summer

On summer days, people often look for a place where it is cold and they can spend some comfortable moments there. If you are also looking for such a place and want a low budget, then we are going to tell you about such places. Yes, this is where you can go and enjoy the cold in the summer.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh - There are many tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, where tourists reach every year in the winter season. However, apart from winter, there is a gathering of tourists here in summer as well. Yes, Manali city of Himachal Pradesh has a mild cold throughout the year. Here in the winter season or in the summer season, you can go for a walk whenever you want.  

Sonmarg, Kashmir- Kashmir is called the heaven of the earth. Yes, and it is very cold here in winter, but even in summer, you feel cold. The weather in Sonmarg in Kashmir is normal, while in winter, the sheet of frozen snow melts and it feels cold.

Ladakh- The name of Ladakh is included in the coldest places of India. In fact, in Ladakh, settled in Himachal, the weather is always cold. Not only this, but the scenery here also affects the passengers. In summer you can go to Ladakh to feel cold.

Lathun Village, Sikkim - Lachung village in Sikkim is a better option to roam around in summer. In fact, Lachoon village is famous for the cold weather and beautiful scenery.

Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh - The snowy areas of winter feel cold even after normal temperatures even in summer. The list includes the Sela Pass of Arunachal Pradesh, where a thin sheet of snow remains throughout the year.

These places are the most beautiful in the world, will be fun to roam around in the summer.

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