Sundar Pichai reacts strongly, don't bother tech companies unnecessarily

Jun 16 2019 04:46 PM
Sundar Pichai reacts strongly, don't bother tech companies unnecessarily

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has warned of regulation on the technology giant facing a no-confidence check by the U.S. government. Sandar Pichai said in an interview that the work of technology majors should be monitored by the government, but it is not right to disturb them in the name of the control. He has also said that they are fully prepared to cooperate in the investigation.

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For your information, Sundar Pichai said in his interview with CNN Business that the investigation may be new to some companies, but it is nothing new for Google. Google is already experiencing such scrutiny in Europe. This is the first time Sundar Pichai has said something about tech companies' investigations. In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOG) vs. Google has launched an investigation into the manner of advertising and discrimination in search results.

Google has also been fined in Europe for the same case. The European Union has slapped a fine of 1.49 billion euros (about 117 billion U.S. dollars) on Google for violating competition law this year. Google has imposed this penalty on bias in online advertising. Earlier in July last year, the European Commission had imposed a fine of Rs 344 billion on Google over the same issue. That was the biggest penalty Google was going to impose on Google.

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