Sundar Pichai's ancestral home in Chennai is purchased by a Tamil Actor
Sundar Pichai's ancestral home in Chennai is purchased by a Tamil Actor

CHENNAI: A Tamil actor paid an undisclosed amount to buy Sundar Pichai's family home in Chennai.

Real estate investor C. Manikandan, a part-time actor and producer, is happy to have bought a home in Sundar Pichai's Ashok Nagar neighbourhood, where he was born and nurtured.

He informed the reporters that he is honoured to have purchased the home where Sundar Pichai was born. "Since Sundar Pichai made India proud, it is exciting to buy the house where he was born," said Manikandan, who intends to construct a villa there.

Under the name Chellappas Builders, Manikandan has constructed and delivered about 300 residences throughout the city.

Manikandan claims that Sundar Pichai's father, R.S. Pichai, destroyed the outdated building at his own expense and gave the site to his son. The actor admitted that because this was R.S. Pichai's first property, he broke down while presenting the paperwork.

Chennai is where Sundar Pichai was born and raised. According to reports, he remained in this home until he was 20 years old. In 1989, he relocated to IIT Kharagpur to pursue metallurgical engineering.

Manikandan made the decision to purchase the property as soon as he learned it was up for sale. But he had to wait till R.S. Pichai got back from his trip to the US.

He was struck by the parents of the Google CEO's humility. He stated that Sundar's father gave him the papers at their very first encounter, and that Sundar's mother had produced a cup of filter coffee herself.

The actor said, Sundar Pichai's father insisted that his son's name not be used to speed up the transfer of property ownership and registration.

Before giving him the documents, Manikandan claimed that R.S. Pichai waited for hours at the registration office and paid all the taxes.

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