Sunil Chhetri set a new record of hitting 90th goal

Sunil Chhetri, an Indian professional footballer, is securing more and more acclamation by his fans across the nation since he has scored the 90th goal and has set a new record in Indian football after Baichung Bhutia, who had a record of 89 goals.

The record was already celebrated a while ago by one man- Sunil's father KB Chhetri. For the Chhetri senior, it's already been some time since his son took over the title of 'top-scoring Indian in the combined history of the NFL and I-League.

Reporters asked Chhetri at Cooperage on February 17 if he was aware of being on the cusp of making history going into the clash with Aizawl FC? He replied saying that Kunaal Majgaonkar told him that it's 88 officially. "Yeah, that day I was. My father was counting it 96.He says 'whoever is counting has taken eight goals of yours, I don't know how'. But only when I was told that it's 88 now and I am one away from Baichung Bhai, then it struck me. But as I said, my father is already counting 98 now. He doesn't tell me these things, he tells my Mum and Mum tells me."

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