Sunil Dutt works as conductor to RJ in the bus, the first salary was Rs 25

Actor Sunil Dutt has been one of the best actors in the Hindi cinema world. He won everyone's heart with his acting although he is no longer in this world. Sunil Dutt died on this day i.e. on 25 May 2005. Behind every successful person, the story of his life's struggle is hidden. Sunil Dutt is also included in this list. There was a time when Sunil Dutt also worked in the bus. Sunil Dutt's father had passed away at the age of only 5 and Sunil Dutt was doing his studies from Mumbai.

In such a situation, after the death of his father, his financial condition became very bad. Due to financial constraints, the actor had to work as a conductor in the bus. Sunil Dutt was known for his beauty as well as his wonderful voice. And because of his good voice, he started performing in college. Meanwhile, once the programming head of the radio had come to see his play in college and he was very impressed to hear Sunil's voice and he offered the actor a job as an RJ in radio. Sunil was also very happy to get the job and he said yes without delay.

He used to get a salary of Rs 25 for working as an RJ in the radio. It is said that he once interviewed actress Nargis while working in radio, although at that time he did not know that she was going to become his wife in the coming time. While working in radio and theatre, Sunil Dutt started trending towards Bollywood. In the year 1955, he made his Bollywood debut with the film Railway Platform. And with this film, she had stepped into the cinema world, but she got her real identity from the film 'Mother India'.

He became Nargis's son in this film. After that in the year 1963, he appeared in the role of a dacoit in the film 'Mujhe Jeene Do' and after that, he gave superhit films one after the other. Sunil married Nargis and the sons of both Sanjay Dutt are rocking the industry today.

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