India lost in the World Cup, but Sunil saw the victory, find out!
India lost in the World Cup, but Sunil saw the victory, find out!

Team India's goal in the ICC World Cup-2019 ended by one step. In the semi-finals yesterday, New Zealand defeated India by 18 runs. Fans were also extremely disappointed with the reactions after the defeat. Though there are many fans who are not sure that team India has lost, the same episode includes the name of comedian and actor Sunil Grover. This celebrity is the famous comedian, actor Sunil Grover.

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Sunil is not convinced of Team India's defeat so far. After the match ended on Wednesday, Sunil Grover wrote in a tweet: "I still feel the chance to win India and the new rule will make it to the finals... India's average of Duckworth and Luis Bole is the best yet... Something like that."

After Team India's defeat, Bollywood stars did something like this

What's more, Sunil Grover's tweet has been consoled by many users and replied, "Sir, it wouldn't have happened if that was the case." You can make sure that we have lost. In a tweet, several Bollywood stars have praised Team India's impressive performance after the semi-final defeat to Team India. Several stars, including Anupam Kher, Amitabh Bachchan, tweeted in support of Team India. On the other hand, PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi have also appreciated the Indian team.

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