Sunny Deol to be nervous as Gadar 2 can be a Dissension and he was agitated before Shoot
Sunny Deol to be nervous as Gadar 2 can be a Dissension and he was agitated before Shoot

New Delhi:- On Wednesday, the actors and creators of Gadar 2 showed the preview for Gadar 2, the next part of a popular movie from 2001 about a dramatic story across borders, directed by Anil Sharma. Anil, Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and the rest of the Gadar 2 cast came together for the trailer launch event on Kargil Vijay Divas. Sunny made a statement about India-Pakistan relations at the launch of his new movie's trailer. Many people on Twitter, now called X, criticized Sunny for what he said. Another article you might like: Sunny Deol hits Pakistanis hard in Gadar 2 trailer using a sledgehammer.

The actor and politician from Punjab's Gurdaspur said that the problems between India and Pakistan are caused by political tactics. A lot of people on social media didn't like his "diplomatic" comment, with some saying he said it to get people in Pakistan to watch Gadar 2. Some people said they shouldn't watch the movie because of what Sunny said.

We shouldn't have fights. Dono taraf pyar hai lekin siyasi khel nafratein paida karta hai. And you will see them in this movie too. I don't know if anyone wants to argue with each other. The most important thing is that we all come from the same earth.

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A fight between the two groups should not win. Both sides have love. The political blame game between India and Pakistan is what causes hatred, and this film shows that. Both countries consist of individuals who want peace because we are essentially similar to each other.

Someone said on X, "Sunny Deol, stop hiding and come out. " Go and visit Pakistan. Another person said they want to show this movie in Pakistan. It means the movie will do very badly in India. One person said the reason for Gadar's success was its negative portrayal of Pakistan. The only way for the Gadar sequel to succeed was to keep using that bashing and make the audience feel nostalgic. But surprisingly, the main character is promoting the idea of peace, which is no longer relevant.

Someone also mentioned, "This statement has already made the movie a failure. " Don't watch Gadar 2. " Someone made a joke, saying, "This movie is not popular at all, even if we tell people not to watch it, it might help it become more popular. " Let us die without anyone knowing or praising us and without anyone seeing us.

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Gadar 2 is a movie directed by Anil Sharma. In the movie, Sunny Deol will play the character of Tara Singh and Ameesha Patel will play the character of Sakina, just like they did in the previous movie. The movie comes out on August 11. Gadar 2 is made by Anil and Zee Studios together. The sequel of Gadar is released after more than twenty years since the first movie.


When asked about Gadar 2, director Anil Sharma mentioned in an interview with Hindustan Times in 2022 that they will be using the same actors and characters from the first film, including Tara Singh (played by Sunny Deol), Sakina (played by Amisha Patel), and Jeete (played by Utkarsh Sharma). The story has moved forward 22 years. My son Utkarsh has changed from being a kid to a young person, which is a normal thing that happens to everyone. The new audience will see this movie as something new, while the old timers will perceive it as a follow-up to a previous film.

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The movie Gadar is on the way to get launched soon as the Trailer has made a great impact in between Pakistan and India mentioned by Sunny Deol in an Interview recently.

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