SunStroke/Heatstroke: Causes symptoms and natural home remedies to cure fast

May 16 2019 05:48 PM
SunStroke/Heatstroke: Causes symptoms and natural home remedies to cure fast

Sunstroke/ Heatstroke is brought about by excessive exposure to the sun heat. It results due to imbalance in thermosetting of the body. The cooling mechanism of the body relies upon water evaporation in the form of sweat.  The best effect of cooling can be observed in dry air but in case of humid air, sweat hardly evaporates that leads to increase in body temperature and the person may be caught to the illness like Sunstroke/ Heatstroke.

The most common signs and symptoms of mild Heat stroke/ Sun stroke include

Weakness, Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Headache, Low blood pressure, Scarce sweating, Muscle cramps, tone and other heat exhaustion related symptoms.

Sunstroke/ Heatstroke prevention tips

By following these tips one can avoid heat stroke, even if it is necessary to venture out in the heat or workout vigorously. Always choose your clothes with care in summers and while going in heat, opt for light fabrics in a loose fit, which will allow your skin to breathe easily.

Take sufficient quantity of water before going out in the sun.

Crush onion and apply as a paste on the armpit and or on the groin for prevention from sunstroke.

Always use cap and natural sun lotion to protect yourself from the sun heat.

In case of high grade fever, soak a piece of cloth in rose water and vinegar and apply frequently on the forehead.

Putting ice bag or cube on the forehead is also good if the person suffering from high grade fever.

Home Remedies To Treat Heatstroke


Cold Bath

Chinese Medicine

Essential Oils

Onion Juice

Tamarind Juice

Coriander Water

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sandalwood Paste

Heat exhaustion symptoms can lead to severe outcomes if not treated immediately. Make sure it doesn’t turn to a heat stroke by using simple home treatment solutions given in this article. Now that you know how to treat heat stroke at home, what are you waiting for? Bookmark this article so you could use it in case you or your loved ones suffer a heat stroke.

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