Supporters of Owaisi and Rahul clashed at Congress leader Imran Pratapgarhi's rally

Ahmedabad: Congress's Rajya Sabha member Imran Pratapgarhi's public meeting in Godhra witnessed a lot of ruckuses. During the public meeting here, supporters of Asaduddin Owaisi's party AIMIM and Congress fought with each other. The situation became such that Imran had to leave the meeting in the middle. During this, there is also news of fierce fighting between AIMIM and Congress supporters. However, Imran Pratapgarhi said that there was no ruckus during the meeting. There is no uproar when people shout and express their love.

According to reports, Imran Pratapgarhi arrived on Wednesday to campaign for the Gujarat Assembly elections. This seat of Godhra has a large number of Muslim votes. In such a situation, a close contest between AIMIM and Congress is being considered for this seat. A large number of people had reached during Imran Pratapgarhi's public meeting, most of whom were Muslims. As soon as Pratapgarhi attacked AIMIM, the people present there got agitated. After this, there was uproar in the meeting, and the situation became such that Owaisi's supporters surrounded Imran. After this, a shoe fight started between the supporters of Rahul Gandhi and Owaisi. However, Congress supporters and local leaders pulled Imran Pratapgarhi out of the crowd and Imran too left the meeting midway. 

Let us tell you that Imran Pratapgarhi has emerged as a big Muslim face of the Congress. Imran is also a poet of Urdu and Hindi languages. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Congress had fielded him from the Moradabad seat, but he lost by a huge margin. ST Hasan, who won this seat, got 6.5 lakh votes, while Imran got only 60 thousand. After this, Congress sent Imran Pratapgarhi to Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra in July this year. 

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