Criminal background candidates gets a shock, parties will have to do this work

Feb 13 2020 12:17 PM
Criminal background candidates gets a shock, parties will have to do this work

On Thursday, the Supreme Court of India has directed the political parties to upload the reason for the selection of candidates with criminal backgrounds on their websites. Also, if these instructions are not followed, the court has allowed the Election Commission to give information against them in the court. In such a situation, if the parties do not follow the instructions of the court, then the Election Commission will bring this matter to the court. The Supreme Court has taken this important decision to stop the criminalization of politics. The court issued a guideline for political parties. The court said that criminalization in politics has increased rapidly in the last four general elections. According to this, if political parties give tickets to a person of criminal background, then criminal details will have to be given on the party's website and on social media. At the same time, they also have to tell why no untainted ticket was given.

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Expressing concern over the criminalization of politics, the Supreme Court said, "It has increased significantly in the last four Lok Sabha elections." The court ordered the political parties to publish the criminal record of the candidate on their website within 48 hours of the nomination of the candidate of criminal background.

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The Constitutional Bench headed by Justice F. Nariman also instructed the political parties that political parties should share the details of such candidates on all social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Apart from this, publish this statement in a local and a national newspaper also. The apex court further said that political parties will have to inform the Election Commission about the pending criminal cases against them within 72 hours after the selection of such candidates.

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