Conflict over EIA Act, Supreme Court told government, 'First go to High Court'

Aug 13 2020 09:19 PM
Conflict over EIA Act, Supreme Court told government, 'First go to High Court'

New Delhi: The Central Government has received relief from the Supreme Court on the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The Supreme Court has stayed the notice of contempt sent by the Delhi High Court, in which it was asked to publish the draft in several regional languages. Now the government has been sent back to the High Court.

On Thursday, the matter was heard in the apex court, in which the SG said from the center that the rules for printing any order are clear, they have to be published in Hindi and English only. In such a case, the decision of Delhi High Court is beyond the rule. The apex court has asked the government to go back to the Delhi HC in this matter and asked why the High Court was not informed about the law. However, the apex court has granted relief on the contempt case.

On this, it was said on behalf of the Chief Justice that your point is correct, but why did you not raise this matter in front of the High Court. However, the apex court also said that the rate with which the Delhi High Court gave this decision is absolutely correct. In Maharashtra-Karnataka and other states there will be many people who do not know Hindi-English.

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