Rajasthan Crisis: Supreme Court says 'Voice of Dissent' cannot be suppressed in democracy

New Delhi: Hearing is going on in the Supreme Court on the political infighting in Rajasthan. The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the petition of the Speaker. During the hearing, Justice Arun Mishra said that if a leader has no faith in anyone, then he will be disqualified for raising his voice. They cannot be disqualified while at the party, then it will become a tool and no one will be able to raise their voice. The voice of dissatisfaction in a democracy cannot be suppressed like this.

During the hearing, Justice Arun Mishra asked Speaker's counsel Kapil Sibal whether the dissent (voice of legislators) can be silenced in a democracy? It is no small matter. These are elected representatives by the public. Justice BR Gavai said why did the speaker come to court? They are neutral. They are not affected by the party. Justice Arun Mishra asked, on what basis was there a demand for disqualification?

On this Kapil Sibal replied that the speaker had asked the MLAs to reply by July 17, but before that Sachin Pilot along with his supporting MLAs filed a petition in the Rajasthan High Court. This is completely violating the powers of the Speaker. According to the law, if the speaker declares the decision to disqualify the MLAs, that decision can be challenged in the court, but only on notice, it is irrelevant to go High Court or the apex court.

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