Supreme Court adjourns hearing of Ayodhya case, Justice Bobde on holiday

Aug 19 2019 01:26 PM
Supreme Court adjourns hearing of Ayodhya case, Justice Bobde on holiday

New Delhi: The Ayodhya case will not be heard in the Supreme Court today. The five-member Constitution Bench will not hear the case today as Justice S Boba was not available. Justice Bobde's condition is poor, which has made him unable to come. Today, Ramlala Virajman's lawyer CS Vaidyanathan was to present his case on the archaeological survey of India report and the statements of witnesses.

Earlier on August 16, Vaidyanathan had placed the maps and photographs of the disputed land before the court. Vaidyanathan had said that the pillars found during the excavation show a picture of Shri Krishna, Shiva Tandava, and the hair form of Lord Rama. Vaidyanathan had said that there was a statue of Ram in form of child in the mosque where three domes were built. In April 1950, an inspection of the disputed area found several hard evidences, including maps, statues, pathways and buildings. There was a paved and rough road on the orbiting route. Vaidyanathan had said that the mosque cannot have human or animal statues, mosques are meant for mass weekly and daily prayers.

Vaidyanathan had said that merely offering prayers could not be his place. Unless it is your property, prayers can be read anywhere. Namaz reads on the streets, it does not mean that the road has become yours. The Muslim lawyer Rajiv Dhawan had objected to the move, saying it was wrong to offer prayers anywhere. This is not a correct interpretation of Islam. Vaidyanathan had said that mosques do not have pillars with images of deities. Vaidyanathan said that the pillars and roof statues and photographs are in temples and that is also the Hindu tradition.

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