Will the central government be able to stop the Zoom app? SC asked for an answer

May 22 2020 04:25 PM
Will the central government be able to stop the Zoom app? SC asked for an answer

The Supreme Court of India has issued a notice to the Central Government seeking a reply on the demand to ban the Zoom app. In a public interest petition, there was a demand for banning the use of the zoom app. Where now the court has asked the government to call for an answer. In a petition filed on Wednesday seeking a ban on video calling app zoom, it has alleged infringement of privacy rights.

In the petition, citing the right to privacy, the court has been requested to instruct the Center to ban this app until a proper law is made. In the petition of Delhi resident Harsh Chugh, it has been said that there is a risk of cybercrime by frequent use of the zoom app. Therefore, the Central Government should be instructed to conduct a detailed technical study regarding its use, so that the security and privacy threats arising from it can be known. The petition said that the continuous use of this app could threaten national security. It can also promote a variety of cybercrimes.

According to the petition regarding this case, 'There has been a tremendous change in the communication between consumer, business and schools with the Covid-19 epidemic. Now people are establishing contact through zoom instead of extending a hand. Zoom is infringing on the right to privacy by misusing the personal information of millions of consumers. The petition also accused Zoom of storing consumers' personal data and files.

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