Supreme Court says, 'Same rules made for child adoption in all religions...'

New Delhi: The notice has been issued by the apex court on a petition demanding clear succession laws for all religions. The petition states that the law relating to child adoption is absolutely clear for Hindus. The child gets the same rights as the natural child on the parents' property. But no such law has been made for religions like Muslim, Christian, Parsi. The court has said that the case will also be heard with petitions seeking the same rules for divorce and alimony.

It is noteworthy that on December 16, the apex court issued a notice on the demand for setting a common ground for divorce in the country. On the same day, the court also sought a response from the government on the demand for a similar arrangement of alimony in the event of a marital dispute. Issuing notice on both the cases, the court said that such a demand would affect the personal law. Therefore you have to consider carefully.

In December, the 2 petitions on which the court today sought a response from the government, are from BJP leader and lawyer Ashwini Upadhyay. In the first petition, raising the issue of divorce, it was said that the basis for obtaining a divorce should be the same. According to religion, a separate system is a violation of fundamental rights. A Hindu woman can get a divorce on her husband's second marriage, but not a Muslim woman. It is a religious bias with Muslim women.

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