Suresh Pannu On His Way To The Top As A Young And Successful Musical Artist

Suresh Pannu a 21 years old boy from Anupgarh has emerged as a rising sensation on the vast horizon of the Punjabi & Indian music industry. In a very short span of time, Suresh Pannu has earned a lot of accolades from all sections of the music fraternity be it normal & ardent music lovers, critics, performers, and people from the music industry itself, he claims. For a musician who has not had any formal training in music, he is growing and even getting a chance to work with other singers and music creators of the industry.

Suresh Pannu from a very early age started to show a keen interest in music. He said he didn't just enjoy the song or any other form of music whether he used to try to focus on the nuances of the music, e.g., the scales and expressive variance of musical notes. Soon enough, he started to create the original music with whatever instrument he had at that time. His parents then helped him set up a new music system for him which was a critical moment.

In college, at the age of 21,he decided to make a career in music and with the support of family and friends, formed a music band and started creating original music professionally. Soon he became known for his peppy and exciting music beats and attracted the attention of the people from the music industry who seek and encourage new talent, he recalls. He got his break when he got the opportunity to collaborate with many punjabi singers.

After that, he has worked and is working with many performers, singers, and music production houses. With his hard work, passion, and perseverance, he is climbing the stairs of success but with keeping his foot on the ground as he is aware that instant and initial success quickly fades away if a person is not active enough to keep the focus on the ultimate goal of giving his 100% every time, he says. 

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