Surgery of corona infected is big risk, study reveals
Surgery of corona infected is big risk, study reveals

Washington: The coronavirus has taken the form of an epidemic around the world and is becoming a big problem today. Millions of people are getting infected every day due to this virus, the risk of death after surgery of corona patients may increase. A global study has revealed this after researching a group of 1,128 patients from 235 hospitals in Asia, Africa and North America.

This research has been done by scientists of the National Institute for Health Research of the University of Birmingham, which has been published in the Lancet paper. According to research, the death rate is higher among infected patients who are undergoing surgery. According to research, the death rate in 30 days was 23.8 percent. The death rate is higher among men than women. The death rate in men is 28.4 percent and in women it is 18.2 percent. Not only this, but the death rate is also 33.7 percent in people over 70 years of age and 13.9 percent in those under 70 years.

People who already have serious illnesses, such as cancer treatment or surgery, are more likely to have mortality in these patients. In such patients, the death rate is higher because their immunity ability becomes a little weaker than before. Research co-author Anil Bhagnu says that prior to the research, it was estimated that the mortality rate for small and selective surgeries would be less than one percent, but now these rates are 16.3 percent in small surgeries and 18.9 percent in alternative surgeries. Anil Bhagnu believes that this death rate is higher than the patients who were at high risk before the epidemic. Research also says that 2.84 crore elective surgeries have been cancelled.

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