Surprising disclosure of Urfi Javed, said- 'Relatives had cut my clothes with scissors...'"

TV's famous actress Urfi Javed has become very famous on seeing it. But recently, Urfi has made such revelations about his personal life that you will be surprised to know. In one of his interviews, Urfi told that his relatives used to cut clothes with scissors.

Due to this, Urfi Javed while talking about his popularity said that 'the entire credit of popularity goes to the paparazzi. If I had my bus, I would have gifted a house and a car to all the paparazzi. Urfi Javed further said that 'whenever I get married, all these people will be the chief guests in it. There were many such reports that Urfi gives money to the paparazzi for posting photos. Breaking the silence on these reports, Urfi said that 'people will always ask questions. Even if I die, I will still raise questions. I don't care about these things. These are the same people who used to tell me that I do not have money for flight tickets.

Regarding the same trolling, Urfi Javed said that 'she gives herself two days in a month where she cries about these things'. Recalling an anecdote due to this interview, Urfi said that 'One day some relatives came home with my father. He started looking at my outfit. I always wear such bold clothes. Relatives did not like my outfit and they took out all their anger on my outfit. He cut many clothes with my scissors. Today the same relatives want to take selfie with me.

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